Whether you’re in a hurry or it’s after hours, no matter the reason, you now have the option to refill your prescriptions online. There is also an app available for your Apple or Android device for even more convenience!


Why refill online?

The difference between refilling your prescriptions online or with the app and calling us or coming in, is that you can see your past prescriptions as well as your current medications. If you have a medication that looks different than what you’re used to, you can view the image of what the medication should look like along with its name and strength. You can even scan the barcode.


How to Order Refills:

Step 1: Locate Our Pharmacy

Enter “32566” for Pharmacy Five Digit Zip Code and “6446” as the Last four digits of Pharmacy Phone Number, then click SEARCH FOR PHARMACY


Step 2: Select Our Pharmacy

Click SELECT PHARMACY. Our address should appear on the screen as 8986 Ortega Park Drive

Step 3: Fill Out Your Information

Go to Option #2 and fill out your information.

Enter your information as we have on file and a prescription number. Then, click SEARCH PATIENT INFORMATION


By verifying your information with our system, this allows you to access all of your prescription records and order refills on your prescriptions.

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Hours of Operation
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